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Chloe O. Certified Divorce Coach

Chloe O. The Divorce and Separation Coach

Chloe O. Certified Divorce Coach


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I am a divorced mother of 2 pre-teen girls and have been helping people through the challenges of separation since my own divorce nearly 10 years ago. I am Franco-American and  have been living in London for over 15 years.

I have personally experienced divorce twice, in two very different ways. The first time was when my children’s father and I divorced after 6 years of marriage. It was by far the most amicable divorce I’ve ever encountered.

My second experience of divorce, surprisingly, was with the same person, following his sudden move abroad. This iteration involved three different jurisdictions and a complete breakdown in communication. We ended up in court, creating havoc along the way.

My decision to become an Alternative Dispute Resolution professional and Certified Divorce Coach® came to life organically, after several of the people I had been informally helping through their own divorce told me that they never would have managed to get through it without me. I decided to quit my big corporate job and dedicate my career to something much more purposeful to me: supporting others through one of the most difficult and stressful life transitions they will likely ever experience.

As an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) professional and Certified Divorce Coach®, I am specifically trained on the intricacies of the divorce process, as well as conflict resolution and effective communication. I will teach you how to reduce arguments by improving your negotiation and communication skills with your spouse. By avoiding the common emotional pitfalls, you can achieve a better divorce, with a reduced psychological and financial cost for everyone. This will allow you and your children to come out of the process in a stronger position, feeling confident and ready to start the next chapter of your life.

I work with clients from a variety of backgrounds but I have extensive experience in supporting expatriates and international families who are dealing with the unique situation of living abroad during and after their divorce, with limited local family support, language barriers and relocation considerations. Sessions are available in French and/or English.

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Chloe O., The Divorce and Separation Coach
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