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Heidi Narramore

Heidi Narramore


Cobb County Real Estate - Agent/Broker


I got into real estate knowing I wanted to help people. After some years in the business I discovered a passion for helping homeowners who are going through a divorce. You see, I have gone through a divorce with real property on the line myself. I personally understand how overwhelming and painful the entire process can be. That’s why I sought out specialized training on the matter, and became a designated Real Estate Collaboration Specialist - Divorce. 

    I earned the RCS-D™ Designation developed and taught by Professor Kelly Lise Murray, JD (a Stanford/Harvard Law trained lawyer and faculty at a top 20 law school). I learned how to successfully work with family lawyers, mediators, accountants, and financial professionals as colleagues, not vendors, before divorce mediation or trial to prevent financial and legal mistakes with the house that ruin families, finances, and futures. 

    Consumer protection is at the heart of all we do. RCS-Ds™ help preserve homeowner eligibility for each divorcing spouse. We help neutralize divorce real estate, reduce acrimony, and prevent post-divorce disputes by offering enhanced house due diligence during discovery, before mediation or trial. 

    My goal is to provide impartial guidance to divorcing homeowners, helping them to make the most informed decision regarding their real property. 

Real Estate Collaboration Specialist in Divorce, REALTOR®, and author of "When To Keep The House - Important Considerations for Divorcing Homeowners," available on Amazon.

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