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Sarah Langford. Trauma Release & Energy Healer

Sarah C Langford Energy Hearler, Trauma releas BLAST Technique, Sistership Circle Facilitator

Sarah Langford. Trauma Release & Energy Healer


United Kingdom Mental Health


A Little Bit About Me

I am an Intuitive, Energy Healer, Trauma specialist via the BLAST Technique and Sistership Circle Facilitator.

My journey into wellbeing really got powerfully underway when I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time! At this point, I decided to make a radical choice and follow my intuition that my body was NOT my enemy but my best friend and greatest creation. I dived deeply into many areas of alternative and holistic health and healing practices and 8 years later, I have never been happier and healthier.

A huge part of my journey into true health and wellbeing involved me stepping into my personal empowerment. I was in an unhappy marriage, working far too hard at a job I disliked, my family was falling apart, and I seemed to only know how to sacrifice my own needs for the needs of others!

Now, I am passionate about helping you to go within and uncover your power, passion, and pleasure. I truly believe we all have the strength to clear away what is no longer serving us and to uncover and shine our true light, talents, and the innate joy which we were born with. This work is powerful, transformative and life changing!

My clients say that I am calm, loving, intuitive and that they feel really held and safe with me whilst we do out transformative work together.

How I can Help You

We do this powerful and beautiful inner work by fully processing old and new trauma. We clear away old beliefs (usually unconscious) which are not serving and supporting you and replace them with powerful new and life enhancing beliefs. We rebalance your physical body, your energy body and your mind via a number of techniques including The Body Code, The Emotion Code, EFT Tapping, Mindfulness, The BLAST Technique, I bring my Intuitive guidance and channelling from Spirit (if you wish to have this guidance), and during our sessions huge amounts of love, light and healing flow through me… to you. The Compassion Key clears karma and opens up your life in ways you could never have dreamed possible, Reiki and Quantum Touch are also tools in my toolbox which I call upon sometimes! And for all you women out there, the gorgeous love, non-judgemental friendship and witnessing of each other which only women know how to do, brings deep healing though our monthly online Sistership circle. Here, we learn how to heal our Sistership wounding on a profound level.

     Here is a 6 minute of me being interviewed which will give you a great sense of

     who I am and whatI offer my clients.

What to expect from a BLAST Technique session

BLAST is a fast and efficient technique which clears trauma! Developed by Nick Davies, it stands on the shoulders of EMDR (previously considered to be one of the best…if not THE best… method to release clients from mild to severe trauma)

When a distressing event occurs, sometimes the brain is unable to successfully process it; when this happens the memories and emotions remain ‘active’ in the right side of the brain. This means we can be easily ‘triggered’ and the body has to remain in the stress response of fight/flight/freeze because it still feels that the danger is present!

Through a simple exercise involving tracking the movement of a pen without moving one’s head, the BLAST Technique is able to swiftly and effectively allow the brain to process the event as it is designed to do. This brings in the parasympathetic nervous system, the body is calmed, and we can return to a healthier and happier way of living. BLAST addresses issues like pain, grief, shock, trauma, and even PTSD. The results are remarkable, with noticeable improvements occurring within a surprisingly brief span of time.

No obligation call.

Go ahead and get in touch; I can explain more about the amazing BLAST Technique, and you will be able to decide if you would benefit from working with me and this powerful yet elegant method of trauma release.

WhatsApp: 07923250259

I also have a 10-minute presentation on my website at:


What to expect from a Healing Session

We always begin our Energy Healing sessions by connecting with Source and receiving some gentle and supportive energy; I normally then share with you, the guidance flowing through me from Spirit which leads us into the healing work for the session. You may wish to heal a particular challenge or sometimes my clients prefer to allow their Soul to bring forward what is most important to work on that day. All is good and all is welcome. We work on all areas and all levels including physical health issues, mental/emotional pains and challenges as well as deep Soul level patterns. Much of what comes up is in the unconscious (at least 80% of everything we think, do say and ruled by the unconscious)!!! These patterns are often set in early childhood so can seem illogical or child like when we uncover them.

There is never, ever any judgement coming from Spirit or me. The more I work with people, the more I realise how fundamentally similar we are. For example hardly anyone truly loves and accepts themselves and so this is often a great place for us start!


No obligation discovery call

Email or message me now and I can find out what your needs are and together, we can create a beautiful plan to profoundly help you ease your pain and find a better way for you to BE, once you choose to work with me!

WhatsApp: 07923250259


What to expect from a Sistership Circle

Here, you’re encouraged to be your authentic self, learn more about your own being, and build meaningful connections with like-minded women. We understand that there is nothing more powerful than a group of women sitting together in a sacred circle. Here, we focus on healing our sister wounds, nurturing genuine connections, and honouring each other. In our circle, there’s no room for judgment and we do not attempt to coach or fix one another. Instead, we purely receive deep inner healing through the profound experience of being witnessed and accepted just as we are. We experience the power of ritual and the sacred.

Every woman matters, and in this circle, you matter, always.


No obligation discovery call

Email or message me now to arrange a friendly chat and find out more about what a Sistership Circle has to offer you and how we heal our wounds through the power of Sistership!

WhatsApp: 07923250259

I really look forward to getting to know you and helping you move forward on your journey towards wherever your true self is guiding you; that confident, empowered, joyful and strong YOU, which is deep within and is simply waiting to be found and released!!!



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