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Beverly Price

Beverly Price


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Beverly Price, MBA, certified Divorce Coach® combines divorce and empowerment coaching to provide education, support, and insight to guide women along the entire divorce process, and to conquer its emotional, technical, financial and logistical challenges. She serves women in four groups 1) those contemplating divorce, 2) those in the legal and financial process, and 3) those who are divorced, but want a happier, more fulfilling life.

Her coaching stresses self-awareness, conflict resolution, communication skills, organization, and clarity. She provides one-on-one custom designed coaching to help women through the ups and downs and grow from self-doubt to self-love quicker, with less pain, more knowledge and more support than she had.  She shares educational tools, skill building techniques, mindset and emotional growth work to help women navigate the achieve an empowered state, where they find and use their voice, reduce their hostility and low self-esteem, develop enhanced communication skills and move on to a fulfilling next best chapter in their lives.

Beverly also comes from a background as a senior executive in financial services in corporate America. She has a personal history with divorce, co-parenting, domestic violence and more. Combining this personal experience with her training, professional certifications and business knowledge, she can help women by supporting them along their journey, helping them to work through resentments, challenges of co-parenting, time management, communication, fear, sadness and shock.

She knows what it is like to let relationships destroy self-esteem and self-confidence.  She knows what it’s like to handle co-parenting while being a single mother, to feel shame and resentment, and fear that she can’t do it all. She understands divorce overwhelm.

When she finally embraced her authentic voice and her own power, became educated on divorce and understood the communication and preparation for a successful divorce,  she went from self-doubt to self-confidence – and that is what she works on for her clients.

Beverly Price, the driving force behind Her Empowered Divorce, has a profound personal connection to the divorce journey, having navigated it herself from the inside out. She intimately understands the spectrum of emotions such as pain, anger, overwhelm, and confusion that accompany divorce, drawing from her own experiences. Her unwavering passion lies in empowering women to navigate divorce in a more positive and informed manner than she did in her own past.

Over many years of dedicated coaching, Beverly has provided invaluable support to thousands of women facing the most challenging aspects of divorce. Her expertise encompasses various critical facets, including reducing overwhelm, managing emotions, demystifying the legal process, navigating intricate complexities, dealing with domestic abuse, honing communication skills, and establishing a robust support system from start to finish. As the host of the Her Empowered Divorce Podcast, she ensures her audience receives the latest expert advice spanning every facet of the divorce journey.

Beyond her commitment to individual empowerment, Beverly is driven by a profound mission to transform the landscape of domestic abuse. She is the visionary behind The Divorce Coalition, a coalition of leading podcast hosts, divorce experts, and domestic violence advocates united to illuminate the path of understanding, healing, and resilience. By educating professionals within the realms of family law, family and criminal court, and the legislative community, Beverly aims to address systemic issues related to domestic abuse.

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