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Carri Goldring

Carri Goldring


Michigan Oakland County Real Estate Real Estate - Mortgage Lender Real Estate - Collaboration Specialist - Divorce (RCS-D)


Carri is one of the most caring people I know in her industry.  She is a child of divorce and has also been divorced herself raising three children on her own, one with special needs.  She says when she was going though divorce, she didn't know who to trust or who could be trusted.  The idea of having a marriage were everything was divide and conquer and now having to do everything alone seemed scary and overwhelming to her. She vowed if there was a way to help other people going through divorce in her professional field, she would find a way to be helpful to anyone who needed or wanted her.

Clients that are typically attracted to me are in the beginning of the divorce process looking to have someone help facilitate with their attorney to guide them with what is necessary for mortgage approval if they are buying out a spouse or doing a new purchase with all the Divorce guidelines and paperwork done

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