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Amicable Divorce Supporter


Changing the Experience

Divorce is not a four-letter word. It is not a dead end. And it’s especially not the end of the world … even yours. It’s a detour.

We know it. We’ve done it. Call us ex-experts if you will. The truth is, at we’ve covered every emotional, financial, rational, and often irrational inch of the process. And we’ve organized that expertise into one comprehensive portal for much needed education, guidance, empowerment, and process management. is an easy to navigate system that finally brings much needed technology to an inefficient system. Spouses and family law professionals can now collect the endless data, manage the piles of documents, explore various settlements, detail budgets and most importantly, collaborate with the entire team with a single click. And we built this from the ground up with industry best practices and the most advanced security and encryption technology available.

Starting today, everything you hear and worry about with regard to divorce changes. Because when you have the right co-pilot, the road to reclaiming yourself becomes less scary, less long, and a lot less lonely. So whether it’s 14 years, or 14 months, your soulmate, or a momentary lapse in judgment, we’re here to help you move on, move forward.

We’ve got you.  You’ve got this.

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