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Kristi Neal

Kristi Neal


Brazoria County Fort Bend County Galveston County Harris County Montgomery County Wichita County Texas Legal (ADR) Alternative Dispute Resolution Real Estate Real Estate - Agent/Broker ADR - Mediator Lawyer- Divorce and Family Law


Kristi is a highly accomplished real estate Broker, licensed attorney, and mediator, with a profound specialization in real estate transactions, notably those entailing divorce. Her comprehensive expertise is underscored by her in-depth experience in navigating the intricate landscape of divorce real estate, mediation, and collaboration. Kristi's nuanced approach to these specific areas of practice positions her as a valuable resource for clients seeking a seamless resolution to complex real estate matters amid the challenges of divorce.

In the realm of divorce real estate, Kristi has honed her skills to provide astute guidance to her clients, ensuring they are well-informed and strategically positioned throughout the entire process. Her adept handling of divorce mediations and collaborations sets her apart, facilitating amicable negotiations that benefit all parties involved. Kristi's commitment to achieving optimal outcomes for her clients extends beyond the transactional phase, emphasizing a holistic approach that promotes long-term satisfaction and positive experiences.

Central to Kristi's success is her unique ability to navigate negotiations in a manner that fosters amicability, even in the emotionally charged context of divorce. Her finely tuned negotiation skills play a pivotal role in maintaining a harmonious atmosphere throughout the divorce process and beyond. By prioritizing her clients' desired outcomes, Kristi not only facilitates successful real estate transactions but also contributes to the overall well-being of those navigating the complexities of divorce.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Kristi is deeply committed to community service, further illustrating her dedication to making a positive impact both professionally and personally. As a distinguished professional in divorce real estate, mediation, and collaboration, Kristi stands as a trusted advocate, offering unparalleled expertise and a steadfast commitment to her clients' success.


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