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Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen


Henry County Lake County Illinois Cook County DuPage County (ADR) Alternative Dispute Resolution Financial Financial - Planner/Advisor ADR - Mediator


I strive to help couples mediate and find an amicable path through their divorce so they can retain and enhance their ability to successfully co-parent their children, while creating healthy outcomes for themselves. Having earned my CPA, I understand and can guide the financial decisions that are critical in a divorce process.  I am divorced myself and I have seen first-hand the impact of that process on my own children.  I lead with my heart and I am focused on removing the baggage that normally accompanies divorce, and instead helping the couple to divorce in a healthier manner with better outcomes in less time and at far less expense.  

I offer extensive free consultations to help couples understand their options and I provide a customized recommendation for the paths that are best for their family.  If they choose to select me as their mediator, they will get my full commitment to help them make all of their own decisions, on their schedule, and with an understanding and focus on what is best for their children.  

I have found that even higher conflict couples can successfully mediate their divorce with the right mediator.  The introduction of an unbiased third party who guides their discussion and through whom they can share their ideas allows each spouse to communicate and listen, and even come to the middle to prioritize what is most important to each spouse, and ultimately, what is best for their children.  Litigation gives divorce a bad name.  If you have to divorce, you owe it to yourself and your family to try mediation.  It is the healthiest way to divorce and allows a couple to save their marital assets for themselves and their children, while creating the best outcome.

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