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Nanette Murphy

Nanette Murphy


Michigan Oakland County Coaching Coaching - Life Coaching - Divorce Transition


Following a 25-year marriage and raising three children, I discovered my true passion as a divorce and life transition coach for women. 

Leveraging my personal journey, I offer invaluable guidance and support to women as they navigate the complexities of divorce and rebuild their lives. 

Additionally, as an author, speaker, and mentor, I utilize various platforms to share my insights and knowledge, empowering others to find strength, resilience, and new beginnings in their own transitions.

 Let us embark on this transformative journey together and create a brighter future by embracing change.

As a divorce and life transition coach for people navigating the challenging process of divorce after decades of marriage, I am dedicated to helping my clients find their footing and embrace a new chapter in their lives. With a deep understanding of the unique emotional and practical challenges that arise during this significant life transition, I provide valuable guidance, encouragement, and empowerment to my clients. Together, we work through the complexities of divorce, explore personal growth opportunities, and develop strategies for rebuilding and creating a fulfilling future. My role is to be a trusted companion, offering support, insight, and practical tools to help women navigate this transformative journey with confidence and resilience.

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My journey of heartbreak, healing and growth
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