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Nicole Romito

Nicole Romito


Illinois Cook County Financial Financial - Planner/Advisor


I have been in the financial services industry my entire career which started in 1992.  During my marriage, I managed our finances, so when we got divorced, I was able to effectively evaluate the settlement options on my own. I realized that if you are not the spouse/partner who handled the finances, it is easy to become flooded and paralyzed about making life altering decisions during your divorce. That is why I specialize in working with people going through a divorce. 

My approach is to educate and help you evaluate your options within the context of an overall plan. I enjoy long term relationships with my clients as their trusted advisor, sounding board and safe space to ask questions and share their feelings around their wealth. Since I was on their divorce team, I understand what they went through and help them look forward to their next chapter. 

Financial planning is so much more than the investment portfolio. It is understanding how to take care of yourself first and then determine how much you can allocate to helping others,  create an income stream from your assets, plan for an effective tax strategy, ensure you are making decisions which keep you on the path to financial security, prioritizing competing goals and planning for your legacy. By viewing your investments in the context of your overall plan, you can determine how  much risk you need to take. 

Your situation is unique! Your team should include a Certified  Financial Planner(R) who can assist you and your attorney with the strategy around the financial aspects of your divorce. 


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