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Steven Bradley

Steven Bradley


Amicable Divorce Supporter Certified Amicable Divorce Professional


With an extensive law enforcement career focusing on investigating crimes against persons, specializing in sex crimes, child abuse, domestic violence, and crimes against the elderly, Steven Bradley was recruited by the FBI to start a taskforce that would investigate technology and cyber related crimes. After returning from the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA, he began combating many types of technology crimes including child pornography, cyberstalking, financial exploitation, and apprehending child predators. Later in his career, Steve began working with State Coalitions, and local domestic violence/sexual assault centers on bridging the gaps between law enforcement and community partners to better support survivors and victims.  It was there, that Steven led many group discussions and trainings on proper investigative techniques and working together for offender accountability.  Now as part of the Our Family Wizard professional team, Steven  further promotes the  empowerment and healthy communication between separated and divorced parents via technology.  Steven is nationally recognized as an expert on law enforcement’s response to intimate partner violence, abuse of the elderly, and stalking/cyberstalking. As an International Trainer for 25 years, Steven is known for his real world practical education and has provided training throughout the globe on many related topics.  

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